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Occupation: Arch Banking OfficerIndustry: CybersecurityAge: 34Location: Washington, DC suburbsMy Salary: $114,600My Paycheck (2x/month): $4,750My Husband’s Salary: $77,500My Husband’s Paycheck (2x/month): $2,960. (We accept collective finances.)

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Monthly ExpensesPrimary Property: $500Property Taxes: $300Investment Property: $3,588 (Includes allowance and taxes. We accomplish about $2,500/month in rental assets from this property.)Credit Agenda Payment: $300Car Payment: $362401(k) & Roth: $1,256/paycheck (19% for 401(k) and 5% for Roth. My aggregation contributes 5%; my husband’s contributions are 3% of his paycheck with 3% analogous from his employer)FSA/HSA: My bedmate contributes max anniversary FSA bulk for daycare costs ($2,650), and I max my HSA ($6,850)Child Care: $960Cell Phones: $200Cable & Internet: $260 (I ambition we could accomplish this less!)HOA: $60Home & Car Insurance: $150Utilities: $240House Cleaning: $200Savings: $500. (If we can!)

5:45 a.m. — Deathwatch up at my accustomed time, but it’s Saturday, so I lounge about in bed annual accessories on my Kindle. Bedmate joins me about 6:15. We antic that our bairn slept through the night (she consistently does on nights aback I action to grab her if she wakes up).

6:45 a.m. — Bairn sleeps in! I grab her milk and a baptize from the mini-fridge and accompany her into bed with us. We about-face on the bounded annual and insolate about for a bit. At some point I run bench to alpha laundry and again jump aback in bed. My Saturdays are rarely this lazy, and I adulation it.

7:30 a.m. — Time to alpha the day! Bedmate all-overs in the shower, I ablution my face, chase up with my morning accepted of serum, eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Besom my teeth and arch bench with my daughter. I tidy up a bit and atom the aftermost allotment of pizza from aftermost night…my breakfast affairs were an egg with avocado and tomatoes, but that pizza looks so abundant better. I bandy it in the microwave, top with a doodle of Ranch dressing, and accusation my abundant accompaniment for accepting pizza for breakfast.

8 a.m. — Bairn is dressed and accessible to go accept breakfast with her dad and grandpa. I kiss my bairn and bedmate goodbye and abide to do morning chores: laundry, dishes, clean bottomward counters. Aback upstairs, I go to sit in bed and get a hour or so of assignment done. I put on a asinine TV appearance in the background, bushing my diffuser, and accouterment the emails I accustomed overnight. I additionally anatomy a added attending at my achievement review. I’ve already adjourned that I deserve a “substantial raise” this month, and now it’s aloof a amount of chargeless what “substantial” is. With this review, I angular appear “more” detail, alive I can consistently leave it out. The exercise is allowance me bethink all my contributions and accomplishments aural the company.

9:30 a.m. — Bedmate and bairn are aback from breakfast. Pops advised them. I hop on a anxiety with my CEO to affirm a few things afore wrapping up my work. Arena with an 19-month-old is abundant added fun than accumulated babyminding paperwork! We accomplish a plan for the day: bead off kid with my husband’s parents for the afternoon so we can go to my parents’ abode to array and adapt babyish clothes. Oh joy! It’s a arid but all-important assignment afore bringing addition little bairn into the world.

10:30 a.m. — We adjudge to chaw the ammo and get a new coffee table. It’s been annoying us for months. I’d like to advance in a nice piece, but we’re planning on affective aural the abutting three years, and advance appliance doesn’t accomplish a ton of faculty appropriate now. So Target it is — and they’re accepting a sale! Coffee table is $138.99, but we get an added $25 aback if we absorb $150, on top of our 5% aback from the Red Agenda and $15 off the table itself. I bandy a brace of domiciliary items in our basket. Total comes to $140.52, and the basin towels I bought are SOOOO CUTE. I can’t abide the Target urge, alike virtually. Bedmate action like he consistently does: “Wow we adored so abundant money spending money!” $140.52

12 p.m. — We backpack up the kiddo and I grab an angel and cheese slices on the way out forth with a sparkling water. Bead her off with the ancestors and again arch to my parents’. We absorb the abutting two hours allocation babyish clothes, and I feel so abundant better! I analysis acceptable ministries for our donation accumulation — I adopt to accord acclaim acclimated things anon to families in need.

3:30 p.m. — We stop to get sandwiches because I’m FAMISHED. One craven gyro and bag of chips later, I feel like a new person. Bedmate additionally gets a sandwich additional a beer, and we anatomy home a allotment of allotment block to share. $29.04

5 p.m. — My mother-in-law drops off our daughter…and a bag of cast new clothes! The aeon continues, but she loves to bazaar for her granddaughters and I absolutely cannot complain. This anatomy has added being for the little one. While bench I grab never-opened containers of biscuit and rice atom to accord as well. About 30 annual later, my bedmate active off to see a associate who wants a added assessment on a bartering buildout. I abide to adapt things and comedy with our bairn a bit. I apprehend we’re active low on diapers and my prenatal vitamin, so it’s Amazon Prime to the rescue. I accept credits on my annual and use those for the purchase.

7:30 p.m. — Afterwards lots of alfresco playtime, it’s assuredly dinner. Steamed broccoli and carrots, and quiche Lorraine for the two of us. We additionally allotment a big basin of strawberries for dessert.

8:30 p.m. — Bairn is comatose in my arms, so I backpack her admiral and do my nightly routine. I beck Sneaky Pete on my Kindle and abatement comatose ancient about 10.

Daily Total: $169.56

6:15 a.m. — I deathwatch up to my bedmate cheating bench to augment the cat. He came home about 11 aftermost night, so I’m attractive advanced to a epitomize of his evening. I slept appealing able-bodied and am activity abundant added adequate than I accept in a anniversary or so. I argument him to accompany up milk and a seltzer water, and as he does, the babyish wakes up. We cull her into bed for snuggles.

7:30 a.m. — Bedmate gets in the battery and I put on an adventure of Sesame Street. We’re still in PJs and in bed, which is a-okay by me. Aback he’s out of the shower, he brings me balmy baptize with beginning auto juice.

8:30 a.m. — Breakfast time for me! Bedmate has already taken our bairn bench for breach and fed her breakfast. We accept brunch at my grandparent’s abode at apex today, so she’s accepting a cossack with peanut butter, strawberries, and a division of avocado. I’m appetite because I didn’t eat all that abundant yesterday, and accomplish a basin of farro, extra lamb chops, tomatoes, avocado, and tahini dressing. Not “breakfast-y,” but it hits the spot. Alcohol 16 ounces of water.

10:30 a.m. — We charge to go aces up my car, which we larboard at my assignment on Friday because we carpooled to my husband’s Blessed Hour. We aces up the car, go aback home, and again all arch out in my husband’s barter appear my grandparent’s house. I backpack cheese slices and a scattering of carrots as a bite because I’m still a bit hungry.

12 p.m. — Brunch time! I chow bottomward on lamb, deviled eggs, asparagus, tomato, and avocado salad, additional a auto aboveboard (or two). And copious amounts of berries. Bairn eats three deviled eggs and two slices of avocado, additional a agglomeration of berries.

4 p.m. — We’re home and acumen we charge to do our annual grocery run. This will be a smaller-than-usual trip, because we did a above anatomy aftermost week: avocado, bagged salad, broccoli, berries, apples, craven sausage, Balanced Breaks, milk, seltzer water, and beer for my husband. $134.09

4:30 p.m. — Tuesday Morning is appropriate abutting to the grocery abundance and we pop in because we charge a new Spring doormat. Once home, we ameliorate and blast our neighbor’s cook-out. Bedmate stays abaft to comedy dominos, and I arch aback home to basic for the anniversary and watch baseball. Bairn aboriginal comes with me and again decides Daddy is added fun. Okay by me, Mommy can use quiet time. $19.98

6:45 p.m. — For dinner, I calefaction up a Trader Joe’s Craven Tikka Masala (thanks to my mother-in-law for consistently befitting me abounding with them!) with amoroso breeze peas.

7:30 p.m. — Aloof as I’m apprehensive area my bedmate and bairn are, they appear through the aperture and my bairn is in the bosom of a meltdown. He says she had affluence to eat: hotdog, blooming beans, and potato salad. Additional a cupcake. I internally blench because it hasn’t been the best nutritionally-balanced weekend for her, but whatever. I adjudge to skip beeline to her caliginosity routine. I additionally ablution my face and get myself accessible for bed. Bedmate goes aback over to accomplishment his aftermost bold of dominos. I’m jealous, because if I weren’t pregnant, I’d be playing, but this backward in my pregnancy, my “fun gene” has absitively to hibernate. (Happened aftermost abundance too, ugh.)

8 p.m. — Bairn is comatose in my accoutrements on the couch. I bundle with her and watch an old adventure of NCIS while we delay for my bedmate to appear home to backpack her up. Her beard smells like babyish and bathetic icing — ahh, childhood.

9:45 — Bairn is comatose in her bassinet and it’s lights out for me. Bedmate comes up to bushing my baptize and accord me a acceptable night kiss (he came aback to put my bairn into her bassinet and again went aback over to the neighbor’s house). He tells me he and his accomplice won all four games. I’m activity like a beholden wifey as I abatement asleep.

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Daily Total: $154.07

5:50 a.m. — Deathwatch up afterwards my anxiety to the rain outside. Thank you bounded annual for hyping up what angry out to aloof be a drizzle. I feel appealing good, alone woke up a scattering of times aftermost night and was able to abatement aback comatose immediately. Analysis the adviser and see my bairn is still anesthetized out. Annal through amusing media — oh yay! My accessory and his now-fiancé aloof acquaint pics of their assurance (which happened Saturday), and I can alpha to allotment the annual with people. I’m so blessed for them and alpha absorbed about assurance ability they’d love.

6:20 a.m. — Okay, time to get moving. Bairn is still comatose — all that amoroso and action charge accept absolutely taken its toll. I get up and do my morning routine, bubbler a canteen of baptize as I change into conditioning clothes. Arch bench to accomplish a quick breakfast, while my bedmate gets out of the shower.

6:40 a.m. — On the alley with affluence of time to accomplish it to my 7:30 Orangetheory class. I eat a cossack with peanut adulate and raspberries on the way and alcohol some water. I anatomy the assessment alley because today’s chic is added in appear the burghal and cartage is consistently a nightmare. I’m alive out of the appointment today and this Orangetheory area is the best acceptable for area I charge to be this morning. $3.50

7:30 a.m. — Chic time! I see a brace of women I know, additional added accustomed faces. I adulation these workouts, but with my abundance I accept to be accurate to adapt and calibration aback dramatically. I’m advantageous my mom put me on her Orangetheory membership; she knows how important alive out is to me and knows I wouldn’t absorb the money on these classes otherwise.

8:30 a.m. — Conditioning done, I absolutely appetite a abstract from Robeks but additionally don’t feel like parking and accepting aback out of the car…so I arch to my parents’ to get changed. I anxiety my CEO to affirm our morning meetings, and it seems like we got our signals crossed. She’s already headed out to the appointment (16 afar from area I am). Oh well, I aloof let her apperceive I’ll be backward to our 9 a.m. and will be added on the “casual” ancillary of business casual. I bound change, grab a banana, and bushing my baptize bottle.

9 a.m. — Aback on the assessment road. There’s addition avenue I could take, but as I acquaint bedmate every time he looks at our EZ-Pass statement: “You could not pay me to anatomy that added road. It is a cartage nightmare.” $3.50

9:30 a.m. — Accomplish it into the appointment and grab a La Croix afore aboriginal affair with the CEO. We end up accepting back-to-back calls afterwards we agree a certificate we’re alive on. I bite on basics and multitask on assignment and claimed things during the calls area I’m not a primary participant. I pay a hospital bill for our bairn ($376.63) for a contempo ER visit, and admonish myself we’re advantageous to accept the bloom allowance we do. I additionally assurance my bairn up for a chargeless balloon affair of Mommy and Me ball classes. She’ll adulation it! $376.63

12:17 p.m. — Aftermost morning affair is wrapping up and I’m accepting hangry. Waiting on CEO to accomplishment abandonment pleasantries afore I basset her for our cafeteria plans. We usually cafeteria together, as it’s one of the few ceaseless times we accept during the week. But she’s headed home, so I’m on my own. My added coworkers are either activity to Noodles and Aggregation (yuck), or brought their own food. I adjudge to arch home for a kitchen bore salad.

12:25 p.m. — Bedmate is at home for cafeteria too, what a surprise! I accomplish myself a quick bloom with kale, tomatoes, farro, amoroso breeze peas, anxiety pepper, radishes, and feta cheese. We bolt up for a bit afore he has to arch out. I apprehend I don’t accept abundant acumen to arch aback to the appointment — the blow of my day is basic meetings, so I adjudge to anatomy a quick nap afore my 1:30 call. The blow of the afternoon is a mix of calls, aftereffect tasks from the calls, emails, and tidying of the house.

5:30 p.m. — I blanket up for the workday, and am afraid that my bedmate and bairn aren’t home by now. I cull out pork loins from the freezer to defrost to accomplish pork teriyaki stir-fry for dinner.

7 p.m. — Banquet time: stir-fry with broccoli, peppers, edamame, baptize chestnuts, corn, shrimp, and pork bestride teriyaki rice with egg. I allocation out for my cafeteria tomorrow afore confined it to my bedmate and daughter. Both anatomy abnormal — win! The blow of the night is our accustomed accepted of watching the news, Jeopardy!, and Vice News. I allotment a basin of strawberries with my bedmate for ambrosia and abatement comatose with the Nationals bold on in the background.

Daily Total: $383.63

6:12 a.m. — Deathwatch up afterwards a abhorrent night of sleep. The babyish slept in our bed and angry into an aeriform acrobat about 11 and kept affective until about 2 a.m. By again I was advanced alive so I tossed and angry for addition hour. Oh well. I jump out of bed to ablution my face, put on gym clothes, and run downstairs. Bedmate is in the battery and bairn is still sleeping, so I do morning chores, backpack my breakfast, snack, and lunch, and abscond out the door.

7 a.m. — Orangetheory time! This adviser is an old associate of abundance — we’ve been in the aforementioned apogee for about a decade, so he remembers pre-pregnancy me afore I was 32-weeks pregnant.

8 a.m. — Conditioning over. Whew, that was a anatomy burner. I arch beeline into the office.

8:15 a.m. — I’m appropriate by the appointment but charge gas. Bigger to get it now than aback I leave (I abhorrence accepting gas). Application my grocery adherence points, I get $0.20 off per gallon. Not great, but I’ll anatomy it. While bushing up I FaceTime with my associate who lives out of boondocks to appearance him my belly. We say goodbye with promises to get calm aback he comes aback for a bells in June. Babyish will be out by then, and aboriginal annular of drinks will be on him. $31.56

8:45 a.m. — Get bankrupt up and dressed at the office, and I’m accessible to alpha my workday. I block off one day a anniversary to do added of the authoritative tasks of my role: pay bills, payroll, amend assorted abstracts I maintain, etc. Today is that day. I shut my appointment aperture and break through my “To Do” annual while munching on nuts, carrots, breeze peas, and cheese slices and sipping adorable Pamplemousse La Croix.

11 a.m. — I arch to the bank, and accede packing myself a bite (hanger is real) but argue myself this won’t anatomy actual long.

12 p.m. — Should accept arranged a snack, because it took best than expected. My CEO is athirst and wants to do lunch, so I beat by a bounded cafeteria to aces up salads for us. Over cafeteria we altercate legal/corporate babyminding accomplishments I’m alive on and I amend her on apparent applications. We’re starting to accompany a “Series A” annular of allotment and it’s activity to anatomy a lot of accomplishment on my allotment to ensure we’re 100% accessible for that akin of investment. ($22.45 expensed)

1 p.m. — CEO active into a affair and I hop on the call. The admirable automatic bulletin tells me the delay will be 10 annual or longer. I ambition I had chocolate.

2 p.m. — My anxiety is over and I adjudge to go be amusing with my coworkers.

5 p.m. — Best are branch out for the day, so I backpack up. I’m activity appealing able by what I’ve gotten done with my day. It takes me 15 annual to get home and aboriginal affair I see through our storm aperture is my bedmate accumulating the new coffee table. It’s actuality two canicule aboriginal and I’m so excited! Bairn is too, she keeps saying: “Wow-o-wow!”

6 p.m. — Bedmate and I adjudge to bulwark for ourselves for banquet tonight. I accomplish myself a basin of farro, craven sausage, avocado, tomatoes, and kale with a dribble of tahini sauce. It’s meh, but alimental and filling. Bairn has quiche and peas and my bedmate has some array of arctic pasta basin he likes. Oh well, at atomic we’re bistro together?

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7 p.m. — We watch the news, Jeopardy!, baseball, and Vice News. Bairn goes bottomward quickly.

9 p.m. – Time for me to arch up to bed. I accomplishment yesterday’s crossword and abatement comatose about 45 annual later.

Daily Total: $31.56

5:50 a.m. — Deathwatch up and am animated I don’t charge to bustle out the door. I about-face on the bounded annual and go bench to grab milk and accomplish myself a cup of decaf. I’m a appealing acceptable baker but for some acumen I cannot accomplish a acceptable cup of coffee to save my life, so I use Starbucks Instant. I add in two splashes of amber peanut milk — yum! I ascend aback in bed to annal through my buzz and alpha yesterday’s crossword.

6:30 a.m. — Bairn is still complete asleep. I’m affection this about-face in her beddy-bye aeon but am additionally not adulatory too abundant — aggregate consistently changes with adolescent kids! Bedmate is dressed and accessible to arch out for the day. He comes admiral to accord me a kiss and let me apperceive he took affliction of the morning chores. He additionally brings me a seltzer water. What an alarming guy.

6:45 a.m. — I boring get myself accessible for the day: quick shower, morning face routine, and backpack a bag for afterwards today.

7:15 a.m. — Bairn is assuredly up but I accept a bit added than 10 annual larboard of aftermost week’s Vanderpump Rules, so I cull her into bed with me and she has her milk while I watch my abject TV. Again the show’s over, so it’s time to get moving! This morning has been so lovely, it feels like a weekend rather than the average of the week. I get dressed and get my bairn ready. I backpack my breakfast (yogurt and granola) and a bite (cheese and carrots) additional my baptize canteen with beginning auto baptize and accord my bairn a brace of angel slices for the road. We leave appropriate about 7:45.

8 a.m. — Daycare dropoff went calmly and I’m the aboriginal into the office. Eat my breakfast with a La Croix and achieve into morning emails and To-Dos. I babble with some coworkers about who would be which appearance if our appointment was The Office.

10 a.m. — I accept an abundantly arresting anxiety — the complete is adulterated and the calendar goes off the balustrade alone 10 annual into the meeting. I get up in the average to grab an orange and chocolate.

11:15 a.m. — I eat cafeteria while activity over our business team’s annual for the blow of the year with our consulting CMO. He’s one of my oldest accompany (and an ex of abounding years back), so these conversations are consistently appealing accessible going, and I can be aboveboard or edgeless area needed. It’s auspicious to aloof say “F no” to a band item! Usually I accept to be a bit nicer aback I absolutely atom budgets.

12:15 p.m. — I arch out to a affair with my trainer. He’s absorption on my pelvic alignment. This babyish is absolutely camped out on my larboard side, so I’m accepting issues with my aback and hips. He works at a bazaar gym my mother has a associates to, so these sessions are beneath her account.

2 p.m. — Aback at the office, I accept addition anxiety (this time with lawyers). I bite on an apple. Bedmate calls at 3:30 — he’s off aboriginal and wants to get a alcohol at our bounded watering hole. I’m basically captivated up for the day, so I acquaint him to accommodated me at home and again we’ll ride together.

4 p.m. — Settled into our accustomed seats with a beer and abstinent Moscow Mule, I cull up my computer to do end-of-day tasks and blanket up emails. We additionally comedy trivia and about adore anniversary other’s company. A few audience stop by to babble baseball. We break for about an hour and a half. $23.50

5:30 p.m. — I’m appetite red meat, so while my bedmate goes to aces up my daughter, I delay in the car and anxiety Texas Roadhouse for a takeout order: porterhouse for him, six-ounce filet for me, and hot dog for the little one ($55.92). We accept a allowance agenda for $50, and put the aberration additional a $5 tip on our card. $10.92

6 p.m. — We’re home and hungry. The blow of our black is a bit chaotic. My bairn is absolutely active from daycare and is acting like the Tasmanian Devil throughout the house. Bedmate and I are both off tomorrow, so we don’t feel the burden to do our accustomed assignment prep. We assuredly get the babyish bottomward about 8 p.m., and he turns on Star Wars.

9 p.m. — I arch admiral to babble with my best associate afore I go to bed. She and I consistently bolt up on anniversary other’s lives. I’m basically falling comatose while we chat, though, so we adhere up and I’m out quick.

Daily Total: $34.42

5:45 a.m. — I deathwatch up afterwards an alarm, but it’s a anniversary in our domiciliary so I about-face on a podcast and lay in bed until the blow of the abode wakes up. At 7, I cull my bairn into bed and cast on the morning annual while she has her milk. I sip on a seltzer.

7:30 a.m. — Bedmate gets our bairn accessible for daycare, and I bandy on sweats and besom my teeth. I anatomy a comfortable shower, get dressed, and accomplish a quick breakfast for the two of us: bacon and absurd eggs for him, absurd egg over farro, avocado, and salsa for me.

10 a.m. — We beat by the acclaim abutment so I can drop banknote and our hire check. I accept a addiction of accepting $20-40 out about every time I see a alert for “Cash Back” and abundance that money to accomplish big payments (tax bills, etc).

10:25 a.m. — We alpha authoritative our way into the city. Nationals Esplanade Division Opener, actuality we come!

11:30 a.m. — I atom an accessible amplitude on a artery that dead-ends into a architecture zone: a.k.a. a absolute abode to esplanade and achievement you don’t get a ticket. Given that parking lots are charging as abundant as $80(!), a $35 parking admission is annihilation in comparison. We accomplish our way to the stadium. The apprehension and action of a new division is infectious!

12 p.m. — We accomplish our way up to the Red Porch and see a agglomeration of bodies we know. We babble with accompany until it’s time for the aperture pitch. Bedmate grabs a beer for him and a half-smoke and baptize from Ben’s Chili Basin while I abide to bolt up with buddies, which we pay for application a $40 agenda we had absorbed to our tickets.

12:55 p.m. — We get cheesesteaks afore we achieve into our seats. If I can’t alcohol my carbs on Aperture Day, I’ll abiding as heck eat them! $28

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2 p.m. — Nationals aren’t arena able-bodied and I’m accepting afflictive in my seat. It’s aloof a bound fit in this sold-out stadium. Additional we’re sitting by a agglomeration of bodies who don’t accept baseball etiquette, and they’re abrogation mid-inning, so we’re up-and-down, active constantly. We leave our seats to get nachos and go aback to the Red Porch. $8

2:45 p.m. — Alike admitting the bold isn’t abutting to over, it’s time for us to leave so we can beat traffic. I argue my bedmate to hit up the Photo Berth with me afore we leave. This year’s photos aren’t as abundant as others because, well, it’s a bound fit in the berth with the two of us and my babyish belly. $10

3:15 p.m. — Aback to the truck, and we didn’t get a ticket! Woot woot!

5:15 p.m. — TWO HOURS in traffic. Ugh, that’s D.C. for you. We aces up our bairn and arch on home. It takes us addition 35 annual to drive the three afar from daycare to our house. UGH.

6 p.m. — I badly charge a shower, and accompany my bairn into tub with me. Bedmate cleans himself up as well, and pulls calm banquet for her while she splashes about a little longer. She’s accepting broccoli with eggs and rice — easy, and one of her favorites.

7:30 — Nightly routine, and all three of us are exhausted. She’s out by 8 p.m. and I’m comatose appropriate afterwards her. What a admirable day.

Daily Total: $46

5:30 a.m. — Deathwatch up and am activity a bit abandoned for how abundant we did yesterday. I grab a seltzer baptize (and milk) and ascend aback in bed to analysis emails and annal through amusing media.

6:15 a.m. — Babyish and bedmate are awake, so it’s time for me to get started with my day. By the time I get motivated, I’m active a bit late. I blitz through my morning routine, bandy on assignment out clothes and put assignment clothes in my bag, and accomplish myself a quick breakfast of avocado toast. I ample up my baptize canteen and am out the aperture by 6:45. Poor bedmate is larboard to all the morning affairs AND accepting our bairn accessible for daycare.

6:50 a.m. — I anatomy the assessment road, and cartage is decidedly light, so I’m not absolutely as rushed as I was afore I left. I’m still hungry, so I grab a scattering of pretzels. $3.50

7:20 a.m. — Orangetheory! I access 10 annual aboriginal for class, which gives me abundant time to aimlessly bite gum, bushing my baptize bottle, and pop a mint. Honey alacrity pretzel animation is no joke.

8:30 a.m. — Chic is over! On my way to my parents’ to change, I stop to get a carwash. $16

9:15 a.m. — I’ve bound rinsed off and afflicted into my business-casual-casual finest. I’m alive accidentally today with the CEO, so I can be a bit added laidback. I alpha the day by arrest emails and my agitation annual over a sparkling baptize and angel slices.

10:30 a.m. — Facing an hour and a bisected of back-to-back calls, I fix myself tea and grab some chocolate.

12 p.m. — Lunchtime! We adjudge to go to a bounded restaurant. I get the craven pesto sandwich and she pays.

2 p.m. — Aftermost anxiety of the day! This is one I accept to advance (with our tax attorney), but it’s adamantine for me to focus. Despite the active play-back in my head, I administer to back all our apropos and updates. It turns out to be an abundantly advantageous call.

3:30 p.m. — Assessment alley home. $3.50

4:15 p.m. — I beat by a bounded abbey to accord babyish clothes. This admiral gives anon to families in charge and they are actual beholden of the babyish clothes. Apparently they are amid the hardest items to appear by because bodies either abrasion out babyish clothes (I can attest, TRUTH!), or save them for approaching kids.

4:45 p.m. — I go to Blessed Hour with my husband, and we’re in an alarming mood. Our bounded bar is packed, the doors are accessible because it is a sunny, warm-ish day, and my handsome bedmate has already adored me a seat. I beat him in four circuit of trivia and adore a potato bark off his adornment platter. As I’m recapping my conversation, my buzz buzzes. It alone alerts me for assignment emails so I anon analysis to see if it is of any importance. The email is from my CEO. She had a conversations with the Board, my accession is approved! I alpha to cry, which is awkward because now I’m that abundant adult sitting at a bar arrant abutting to her husband. Not a abundant look! I boost my buzz into his hands, he’s afraid and so proud. He tells me he wants to bark from the rooftops but that’d be uncouth. We beam at his use of “uncouth” — we’re adequately assertive he never acclimated that chat afore we met. He orders me a celebratory canteen of Prosecco and a attempt of Jameson for him. $54.98

6 p.m. — We beat by the esplanade to aces up our daughter, area she’d been arena with my husband’s mom. They’re at the park, and so we accommodated them there. It has absolutely gotten arctic and so we don’t break abundant best than 10 minutes.

6:30 p.m. — Neither of us is in the affection for abundant cooking. I eat the added bisected of my craven sandwich with a ancillary bloom of tomatoes and radishes and a few veggie straws, my bairn has a PB&J and blooming beans, and my bedmate has a awe-inspiring array of leftovers, blooming beans, and beer.

7:30 p.m. — Nightly accepted begins, and our bairn goes bottomward quickly. She’s consistently beat by the end of the week, aloof like the bigger bodies in this household. As anon as my bedmate takes her admiral to bed, I cull out our annual spreadsheet to amend it. My pay access will anatomy aftereffect abutting pay-period and I absorb the abutting hour or so arena with numbers and daydreaming. Yes, I’m aloof a approved Friday night affair animal.

9 p.m. — Time for my nightly routine, I clamber in bed with a afresh done face, brushed teeth, and a Kindle loaded with my Bravo shows. It’s been a acceptable week.

Daily Total: $77.98

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