Reviewing Gryphon Training Claims About Drug Testing

Reviewing Gryphon Training Claims About Drug Testing

Workplace drug testing is conducted frequently to assess risks. The tests require the employees to provide a sample at random intervals. The tests present them with no warning to lower the chances of any efforts to remove controlled substances in the body. Most companies have a zero tolerance policy for drug use on the job. The tests determine if the employees are a risk that could lead to unnecessary workplace accidents.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in the Body?

Typically, it is said that marijuana can stay in the body for up to one month after use. However, studies have shown that it is, in fact, two weeks that the substance stays in the body. According to reports, more employees are using exercise to detox the body and eliminate traces of the substance. The truth is that exercise doesn’t eliminate it from the body. In fact, it just increases the levels of the substance in the body.

Does Exercise Remove Marijuana from the Body?

No, exercise doesn’t remove marijuana in the body. Why? Exercise eliminates fat cells in the body. It is the fat cells that can lower the odds of detection inside the body. If the THC from the drug is in fat cells, it is less likely to appear in the employee’s sample. So, exercising and burning off fat can actually increase the chances that the substance will be detected in a drug test.

What Should Workers Do?

They should avoid exercise within a few days of undergoing a drug test. This will allow more fat cells to generate in the body. A higher BMI could show that the employee is more intoxicated or has a higher level of controlled substances in their bodies.

What Drug Tests Does This Work For?

These strategies do not apply to blood or hair tests. They apply to the most basic drug tests administrated. The blood and hair can show higher levels of the substance and define when it was used.

Workplace safety strategies define a need for random drug testing. This allows employers to catch workers who are using controlled substances on a regular basis. This could increase the risk of a workplace accident due to intoxication or an impairment. Workers who want to learn more about how to pass a drug test can read Gryphon Training claims right now.

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